Little Lane


Boy are we going to
miss our Kittys.
(We prefer this spelling)

The day is finally here and
we are leaving on a jet
plane. A very loooooooong
jet plane ride.

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Silly, camera shots  in
the cab (Unfortunately
there are a lot more)

It's springtime at
our house!

OKAY, done now!

Of course WE are searched at
the airport. Glad I hid that
heroin!!! We even had to take
off our shoes, what's next-strip
search? I am NOT bending
over, mister!!!

MAY 22

We have arrived in Firenze. Our
view is beautiful. Our apartment
is on a piazza. Which means we
have a view of more than a
narrow street, but.....

band 2.wav

Click on band 2, above

Wow - I thought I left LA, but
apparently not!! It's the
Venice Beach of Firenze!!!
This shot was taken at 2:30
in the morning. These
people are playing soccer
and they have a drum circle.
(Please). Double click the
band 2 and enjoy the music!!

Diane & Simone sent in a
photo to cheer us while we
are gone.




To leave a message for the two wandering
vagabonds, click the mailbox to the left.

Ben Hendricks will be staying at our house. He is
at our phone number, box # 1. Call him for
anything that you need.


Send in a photo that we can post on the site. It's a great feeling
to see all of your sweet faces while we are far, far away!!

This is Michael-Ann She is a
computer geek, which explains her
attire, (she works for a company
called "The Geek Squad"), She is
responsible for helping us with our  
way cool web site. If I were you, I
would call her for anything computer
related. She's the bomb, and not
e-mail her for any
computer needs at Tell her we
sent you!!!

The alps.
The Hills are alive ...
Oh my god, there's Julie Andrews ...

Maddy got the last
apricots off the tree.
Thank god. I got 3
before I left, and
were they yummy!

We also got to see
another cactus before
we left. They are twice
as big as your hand and
smell incredibly strong &
sweet. The only
bummer is, they only
last 36 hours.


Meet Jennifer. She was our
tasting guide. What a gal. If you
are ever in Florence, she is a
must see. For any culinary
needs, or just to do something
Contact her at
Tel- 39-055-436-8108. Tell
her we sent you!!

Welcome to the MacDab europa

We will be in Europe for 1 1/2 months and if you want to follow
We'd love to have you. The basic time table is:
Italy from May 22 to June 5.
France from June 6 to June 20.
Germany from Jun 21 to July 2.
Culminating with back home July 3.
Click the buttons on the left to whisk you into a different country.
Just make sure we're there or have been there.

July 14th -
Hello and welcome home!!! We made it home!!! A little banged up and
tired, but home at last. We've talked with a few of you but I just
wanted to say that I am going to keep working on the web site until it
is done. There are still a lot of adventures that we have to unfold. I
think that you'll be surprised with Germany.

And here is the e-mail:

Susan - I am so sorry abut Sophie! I miss her. Give Gracie hugs and
kisses from us.
Dave - Thanks for the e-mail while we were gone and thanks for
logging on. I am looking for a 2nd home for Sam, but so far I haven't
been very successful.
Judy -  It was so nice to finally meet you!! I had a great time with the
three of  you. And thank you for the Champagne. That was so
thoughtful of you!
Cindy - again, it was so nice to meet you! I'm going have a banner
meal with the champagne and the tuna!! I'm looking forward to the
time you come out for a BBQ!!
Carrie - Hey, did you get my e-mail? What's new?
Wendy - Are you home yet?