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Bratland here we come


June 21st - Meet the family

This is my sister, Wendy and her husband, Danny - nieces, Kate and Morghan - nephew, Nat - My Dad and his girlfriend, Ellen
It was so nice to all these familiar faces after knowing nobody for a whole month!!

This is Alexander
Platz. It is the tallest
building in the city.
There is restaurant
in the ball. You can
see from anywhere
in the city. It got to be
a standing joke with
all of us.

This was our room. We had an
african theme. What you see over
the bed is a mesquito net. That's
me in bed!!

June 22 -

Above - the family in front of a very cool clock in Alexander Platz.The other food photos are from the most
incredible  department store. The whole top floor was cases upon cases of this gourmet food. I almost had a
heartattack! The 4 pictures below are a sculpture, a bombed out church as a reminder of how horrible the war
ws, and the berlin wall bricks that travel he length of the wall in the city!

These 3 are from the jewish museum. This was
truly a beautiful musem, inside and out. The building
was pretty awesome. That's Deb to the right.

Here we are cruising around,
searching for the house that my dad
lived in before hew was shipped off
to Los Angeles - and - we found it!!!
#75. See the photo to the left.

These are beer hops!!!

These are the East
Berlin walk/don't walk

We caught the
two kids on the
street, she was
trying to help in
carry his bags
home. They were
the cutest

Surfs up. Beach
volleyball in Berlin?

These are actual bullet holes and
bomb scars in the buildings of
Berlin. It really brings the idea of
war on your own soil home!!!

Need I say more!

These are plaques that are in the ground in front of
homes where people have been dragged from
your home, never to return.

Pergamon Museum. This museum actually
contains the walls of Babylon!!! Amazing! It
also contains an entire temple. One of my
favorite museums.

Sanssouci Castel. They made us where slippers!
We decided to do the cancan.

This was an incredible abode. The
gardens alone were beautiful.  The king
was a fanciful dude. He had a room
that looked like the top of Carmen's
kitchey fruit basket hat.

This is Berlin's version of a local farmers market. I sure wish ours looked like this!!!

Some of the colorful
local Berliners!!!

Go on to Poland!!
Remember, you have to go
to the bottom of
Amsterdam. (Sorry!)

The Bundestag, where the German
Parliament lives, was damaged in
the war. They added a glass dome
on the top of the repaired building
which has views of the entire city.

Kate is napping,
and how cute is
this scooter?

A monument to the
soldiers in the war.
A women is holding
her dead son and it
is set alone in a
large echoy room
and the result is
very humbling.

Below is an actual beach! They ship in the sand
and put it by the river and presto - fish tacos and
corona beers!!!

Peugot artsy showcase store
was a blast

There is incredible graffiti art all over the city.