These are the marble stairs
into the Chateau
Chenonceaux's kitchen.
Look how worn they are.
That's what a call a couple
of hundred years of fine

This is what Melissa
looks like before her
morning coffee!! Scary,

JUNE 9 - Beynac to Chenonceau (Loire)

We went to the wetlands in
southern France where we
sat on the beach and showed
off our sandel tans. The
flamingos were very

JUNE 8 - Isles De La Sorgue - (I dare you to say that!!!)

Yahoo - We made it to France! This has been a very eye
opening trip. As you go along, you learn step by step , how
to travel in Europe, but each country poses it's particular
problems! Melissa is much more versed in Spanish/Italian
then French. But, C'est La Vie! We must go on.



JUNE 6 - Nice to Arles

This is a nightmarish image
from the night before, forever
ingrained in m mind.

Not as nice as our first car,
but cute.

My scarf finally made it to
Monte Carlo!!!!!

JUNE 7 - Arles

Got another arena to look at. We
actually went all the way to the roof
and walked around. I kept thinking
that we were going to fall through. I
mean this roof had been standing
there for a very long time!!!

Can you find the Deb in this photo??

Arles was a very cute town.
The people were very
friendly, and they had some
great serving dishes. (I'm
always looking)

The joys of driving in the
countryside!  Well at least driving
in France was better than driving
in Italy. I guess the Italians drive
by smell, because we got lost at
least 6 times a day. Here we only
get lost about 2 times a day!!

This little hillside town is Les Baux. It's
built right into the rocks and they have
big caves. We went in and was it
creepy!!! - A t least until Melissa got the
bright idea of ooooing inside to hear the
echo. At that point we got the
hysterical laughters and had to leave!!

We stopped at a 17th
century church  and
this is the view from the
bell tower.  I didn't see
Deb come out of the
tower so I  spent a
chilling 20 minutes

seeing her fall all the way down the over 400  steps in my mind. But it turned
out that she was fine and had been looking for me. Oops!!

How cute is this town? I want to move
here, or at least stay longer! There are 3 of
these little water wheels around the town.
The water is completely clear because
there are several large waterfalls before
the town. That means no mosquitos!!! We
could sleep with the window wide open. I
recorded the night sounds!! You should
hear those frogs. Look at the name of our

There I was minding my own
business, I gotta get that
camera from Deb!!!

This is Pont de Gard, a Roman
Aqueduct. Completely intact.
Magnificent. The view from the
top was great too.

We took off from Pont du Gard and we started climbing. We had seen some hint of
elevation when looking over the map earlier, but to our slow surprise....  we were
riding on top of the Great Pyrenes  mountains.  And we thought this was a
short-cut!!! We encountered dudes, training for the Tour de France and a traffic
signal inside a cage in the middle of nowhere!!! This was indeed a wild ride.

We had a couple of serious driving days. We left Isle de la Sorgue and spent most of the day driving to Beynac
(Due to mountains). Then after visiting some more caves, we took off for the Loire.
Some castle, eh?
But back to the caves - These are the most important caves in Europe!!! The entire cave is filled with cave
drawings that are 15,000 years old. They wouldn't let me take photos (Gee, I wonder why) Don't worry,  I got
the brochure

JUNE 10 - Chenonceau (Loire)

We made it to the Loire Valley, it is really pretty here! Our hotel is fabulous and Laurent is pretty too!
We went to see some of the big chateaus  (Amboise above & Chenonceaux below) and ran into Da
Vinci's tomb!!! There he was laying right at our feet. What a thrill. Who knew!?!! We also ran acrosss
his last home!!! What luck.(See at right) These chateaus are unbelievable. Big and voluptuous. You
can't even imagine what it would be like to live in one. The gargoyles are for draining the water off the
roofs when it rains, and are they ever cool.

Find the Deb in this maze!!!

Da Vinci's Tomb/headstone above.
His house is below

JUNE 11 - Chenonceau (Loire)

This is the pool.

Please exit France and enter France 2