JUNE 17 - Paris!!

Paris was overwhelming. Champs Elysees and the Arc de Triomphe (up to the top)!!! Eiffel Tower (not quite up to the
top)! What an incredible introduction to the city of Paris!

France 2

JUNE 12 - From Loire to Paris via Versailles !!

We left Laurant and Loire in the morning
and went to Versailles on the way to
Paris. Once again we were
overwhelmed by the sheer size of it all.
And as far as the King of France, what
can I say? Pointed shoes and pointed
toes! As my Italian friends would say
" He looks like a finocchio."

JUNE 13 - Paris!!

JUNE 14 - Paris!!

This was a big day - We decided to take a tour of the latin quarter. Great tour!
The area got it's name because it was where the first non-religious related
University first began (anywhere on Earth) and the students all learned and
spoke in latin!!! We got the dish on the whole neighborhood. Voltaire lived there!!
The building below,left is the first cadaver study lab. Look into the window at
the balcony where all the students would stand and look down on the Teacher
cutting up the body. Very Frankenstein, huh? The streets were all incredibly old
- 7th or 8th Century. They survived by having the more modern additions built on
top. You can actually see the additions, they stick out over the original first floor!
See below, right.

This is Notredame!! There were entire
tours that spent hours on just
explaining the art around each of it's
doors. And let me tell you there is a lot
of paganism mixed into the sculpted
creatures and their meanings!

And last but not least for the DaVinci code
fans - St Sulpice! Yes, there is a rose line
there, or rather a line that was used in
conjunction with a window that marked the
soltices. It's very cool. There is a disclaimer
there that the church has written up!!!
Stating that these were not scientific, but a
way to show that God ruled time!!! Wow,
that was a real fabrication!!! The two
stained glass windows actually do have a P
on one side and an S the other!!

This is one of the original streets. Can you see
how narrow it is? It's probably as wide as your
house hallway!!!!!!!!

JUNE 15 - Paris!!

We hit the Museo D'Orsay and what a surprise!
The biggest collection of impressionist art, it was
beautiful. Deb is standing just behind those small
granite blocks that injured her leg. I had to get the
first aid lady to fix her up. She is still swollen and
it's been a month!!!  Above - we went walking
along the river and ran into a pet shop and a mini
Lane. Pretty cute, huh! To the right is Saint
Chapelle. All the walls of this entire chapel are
stained glass. I walked in and gasped!

JUNE 16 - Paris!!

Today we went to the
Picasso museum.(left)
He was a very wild
dude!!  Great collection.
Then on to the Pompidu
- (right) Wow - Even the
building was incredible!!
This modern art
museum was
awesome. Nice big
installations and
fabulous art. We just
happened to run into an
instillation of Joan Miro.

This was the view of the
fountain out the window

This can is for Alice. It was
such a funny site to come
around the corner and
your name on a trash can.
Someone must love you
very much!!

What can I say - The Louvre!! Deb & I were
completely over whelmed!!! So much art in one
place. The Mona Lisa was just part of it, there
was Venus de Milo and the Winged Victory,
and all the other incredible art. We were there
for 9 hours and still didn't see it all!!

Look closely, this head
is made out of painted

Got to Amsterdam