MAY 28

MAY 29

MAY 30

MAY 31

A wacky Scaligieri
Family tomb!

The night concert
in Erbe square.
What a beautiful
evening. Of course.
I recorded it!

This is the path to the Santa Marguerita,
This is me, dead, after climbing that
path, and this (above) was the reward.
Only it was closed, and we didn't even
get to go in!!!

Ravenna - Oh my god, it's all done in mosaic tile!!!!!!! It was astounding.
The photo at right, anyone need some drugs???

June 2

We are in Verona - You know, where
Romeo supposedly met Juliet. We
woke up and found that it was
National Republic day. There are
parades and spectacles everywhere!!
Don't you love the hats!!!

It's a Smart Car. Isn't it cute??? As
small as my bathtub - No, I take
that back, it's as small as my
shower. They are everywhere. It's
because the streets are so damn

Italy Part 2


Leo's Museo

Leonardo Da Vinci was an incredible man.
A bit into playing with this closet, but who
could blame him at this time in history!!!

Deb and I started
playing with all
these gadgets
made from his
notes and drawings,
I can' believe how
many of the

They finally just had to kick us out!!!!!!!!!

MAY 27

For Diane & Alice

Alice - This cookie is a Bonino. It is an
almond/marzipan cookie, shaped like a little
banana, hence - bonino!! Sorry, I ate them all!
Diane - Here is an entire window full of
pointed shoes, There are shops and shops
full of pointed shoes, shoes, shoes.......

(Photos to the left) We met our tasting
tour gal - Jennifer, and went to the
house of a friend of hers... who
happens to be the well known jewelry
designer, Orlando Orlandini!! See me
trying on a $20,000.00 necklace!!!
"Would la madam wish to purchase?"
Ha Ha Ha !!!
Top - One of these houses is
Michelangelo's - Can you guess which
one? Neither can we!!!

From one Leo to another. Everywhere
you look, there's another lion.

There is not a lot we can say about the Uffizi Museum, because it left us speechless! Here are shots of portraits,
ceilings, and the outside (one side, there are many).

Top left - They have castles just lying about the place!! Deb in field of red poppys. Bottom left - This is a museum of
torture, It seems that every town has one, What do you suppose that means????? Far right San Guimi??? Town with
no less than 15 towers and no-one knows why??? I think they just need a little more wine to help remember! Two
center are from Siena. Obviously a very artsy town. We arrived just in time to see Pegasus fly!!! Who is that peeking
out the window??

We woke up and found out that it was National Wine Day!!! It only happens one day a year. Oh too
bad for us!!! All the wineries open their cellars  for this one day a year. And we just happen to be in
Chianti!!! We hit about 4 wineries, and then stopped counting!


Far left - Our car, cute, huh???  Here is the shower in Chianciano. It
had its own directions!!! The diagram showed all the jets up and down
the side were for your back, imagine if you turned around!!!


In the dictionary -
This is the picture
next to "Italia".

June 1

Vecchio Bridge. Dig the Cut out top to the bridge., was
their trade mark

Anastasia was
the only church
that had
actually playing
those great, huge
organs. We sat
listening for a
long time...