On  the train,
Amsterdam bound. We
both took turns boning
up on the city. I got a
little farther than Deb!!!

Does every European city
have a torture museum?
Sure makes you wonder

This is the
huge and
beautiful park
in Pulscine.



JUNE 18 - Amsterdam               

Amsterdam is a wonderful city. Full of flowers and beautiful people. This town travels by bicycle. Even the traffic signals
have bikes on them!!!

JUNE 19 - Amsterdam               

Rijksmuseum reflected the incredible wealth and power that
Holland had at one time. Who knew? They were the supreme
power of the seas, and in fact invented the lock system that
allows ships to go from one water level to another. They also
perfected pushing the sea back and developing new land!!

JUNE 20 - Amsterdam               

This is Ellen & Hera.  They own the cool little bed & breakfast
that we stayed in. Ellen is a USA/Los Angeles expatriot. She
loves Holland and would never dream of leaving. All of the
building in Amsterdam have these hooks to get their goods up
to the top floors. Cool water fountain. Below is Deb sleeping
on our night train with my nephew Nat!! She is gonna kill me!!!

Here is my twin that we ran into at an african festival. I want
these baskets

Time to go to Germany to continue with the
time line. Unfortunately this program will not
let me add another page for Poland, so I am
putting the last few days of the trip
underneath Amsterdam. So come back here
after you are done with Germany.

June 28 - Poland

We took off for Szczecin where my
dad was born. This city is really
beautiful. It is a port just off the sea
on a river. Check out the road signs,
I dare you to pronounce anyone of
them! The church, bottom left has a
restaurant in its belly - see photo to
its right. The churches were
amazing to far above, right & left.
Below right is a clock. The hourly
bells are hit by the monkey. See his
arms sticking out with sticks in them.

June 29 - Poland

This is where John was born!!!
#56.Here we are in the tourist office
searching for the old street names,
and amazingly, we found them.
These 3 photos are still in Szczecin,
the rest are in Pulscine (sp).

Dads schools
are far left and
right. His went
to the doctor in
the building
just left.

The buildings to the left is
Johns store and home for
years. Just left is the
window to his bedroom!
The buildings to the right
are where he moved later.
We got there before they
were demolished. They will
not be standing the next
time we go!!

June 30 - Back to Berlin

Back to Berlin, we get ready to split up and go our
separate destinations. John and Ellen to Southern
Germany & Switzerland. Wendy & Danny& Nat & Kate  
to Amsterdam, and Morghan had left for Italy a few
days before. We are finally coming home!!!! Yahoo!!! I
can't wait to get into my own bed.

Go Deb Go!!

July 1 - HOME!